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Hollywood Screening of Aimee at the 13th Annual Hollyshorts Film Festival 2017

August 11, 2017

Come see a screening of Aimee at the Hollyshots Film Festival this Friday August 11th at 2:30pm. The screening is the "Family Drama" Shorts Block.  Click the link below to get tickets! Hope to see you all there. #stopchildsextrafficking #endit

First Film Review by UK FilmReview

April 09, 2017

 Short Film Review by Chris Olson

Never one to shy away from controversial topics, filmmaker Lee Whittaker has a proven track record of telling stories that get to the heart of important and compelling themes. His previous short film, Catching Fireflies, was a whimsical yet engaging tale about child homelessness. Not so whimsical, but just as engaging short film Aimee, tackles another difficult subject - child sex trafficking in the U.S. - with formidable results in all aspects of filmmaking, but giving audiences too much of a good thing.

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"Loved it...but want to see more! It feels like an opener of a feature film that I now really really want to see."

The European Independent

Kadi Lokk

"Like being given all your favourite foods as a starter, audiences will crave Whittaker’s film as a full banquet with all the trimmings of a feature length."

UK Film Review

Chris Olsen

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